The Third Edition: The Real Coconut

Food Friends,

You know how carbs are the world’s greatest invention? This week, we’re talking sandwiches, wraps, chips, paninis, crusts, and Alex’s personal favorite…tacos!

This Week’s Wellness Radar: The Real Coconut

Why we love it? You’re probably thinking, are Alex and Joanna crazy? They want to talk about coconut carbs?! Why yes, yes we do.

A common refrain we hear is that carbs aren’t healthy because they lead to weight gain. Despite that sentiment, biologically speaking carbohydrates are our body’s main source of fuel. In fact, healthy, fiber-rich carbs have actually been shown to help manage weight and even protect against disease according to The Mayo Clinic.

And though people may think coconut isn’t healthy because it’s high in fat, according to nutritionists at Johns Hopkins, healthy fats keep us full longer and help regulate hormones. We thus present to you The Real Coconut’s Coconut Flour Tortillas.

How we enjoy it? Oh the possibilities! Alex opts for tacos, Joanna prefers paninis, and you can even turn them into chips and pizza.

Where to get it? Straight from the site or from your local grocery store.

Fun fact: Female-founded by Daniella Hunter, with a focus on plant-based, grain-free renditions of carb staples like breads and chips. If you live in Malibu or vacation in Tulum, you can even stop by The Real Coconut restaurants!

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