The Crave #7: Artisana Nut Butters

Good Morning Cravers,

Some of my friends, including Joanna, think I’m a little nutty. I disagree, but nevertheless in this week’s newsletter I’ll be channeling my inner nuttiness and talking all about nut spreads. Whether you prefer good ole fashioned peanut butter, everyone’s new favorite almond, or like to indulge in exotic nut butters like cashew or walnut, on our radar this week is a company that has something for you!  

This Week’s Wellness Radar: Artisana Nut Butters

Why we love it? In 2017, Harvard Health Publishing wrote an article titled “Why Nutritionists Are Crazy About Nuts,” and they shared some wonderful insights:

  • Studies from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health found that people who eat nuts every day live longer, healthier lives than those who don’t 

  • Researchers from the Tufts University Friedman School of Nutrition found that low nut consumption was just as bad as high processed meat consumption, and both increased risks of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and other illnesses

Beyond those scientific benefits of nuts in general, we love Artisana products in particular because they contain no added sugars and they’re not roasted or blended in hydrogenated oils like many mainstream nut spreads.

How we enjoy it? Drizzle nut butter on apple slices (Alex’s favorite), bake it into cookies (Joanna’s favorite), or make a good ole fashioned PB&J sandwich.

Where to get it? Whole Foods, Amazon, and many local grocers carry Artisana.

Fun fact: Artisana started out nearly 20 years ago in the San Francisco Bay Area, selling California-grown organic nuts on the Internet to people who didn’t have a local food coop or place to buy them. Now Artisana works with organic nut farmers and customers around the globe!

… and for dessert, some tasty industry news:

  • Hershey’s is taking a big step towards healthier products, with an interview from one of their top executives this week announcing the company’s plans to produce more low-sugar, organic products in order to meet changing consumer demands.

  • Bill Gates-backed Nature’s Fynd announced their new meatless breakfast bundle, offering consumers a dairy free spread for bagels and a meatless patty for breakfast sandwiches. The company was also recently featured on 60 Minutes. 

  • Stanford University’s free online course on Food and Health was featured by Business Insider this week, with over half a million people now having learned about making healthier choices from Dr. Maya Adam, the university’s Director of Health Education. 

From your favorite food friends,

Alex, former healthcare startup operator and current premed student at Columbia

Joanna, also known as @wellwithyael, foodtech investor & certified health coach 

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