The Crave #6: EatDeux

Good Morning Cravers,

Welcome to our Valentine’s special: we’re sharing our current go-to, crave-worthy, guilt-free cookie dough obsession *or at least Joanna’s.*

Cue this Week’s Wellness Radar: EatDeux

Why we love it? Remember eating raw Pillsbury cookie-dough straight out of the bag and being told *not* to do so… because salmonella and stomach aches? Well today we gift to you the better-for-you cookie dough that you can eat straight from the jar. It’s vegan, low in sugar (sweetened only with maple syrup and coconut sugar), adaptogen-infused, and gluten-free. 

How we enjoy it? Straight out of the jar… Or if you have the self-restraint (unlike Joanna), pop the dough into the oven and allow it to bake for a warm, gooey cookie that won’t give you a stomachache post-indulgence *remember, everything in moderation still applies here!*  

Where to buy it? Directly from the site

Fun fact: Co-founded by two women, Sabeena Ladha and Scout Brisson, as part of a side hustle. They now run with the gig full-time due to their booming success. 

…and now for dessert, some tasty industry news: 

  • The world's first cell-based ribeye steak is here, thanks to Aleph Farms.

  • Mondelez launches a program for early-stage, wellbeing snack brands.

  • Up-and-coming brand we’re watching: Olipop, the healthier (and in our opinion, tastier), soda alternative that will help you stick to your new year's resolutions (are we seriously in February already?!) 

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From your favorite food friends,

Joanna, also known as @wellwithyael, foodtech investor & certified health coach 

Alex, former healthcare startup operator and current premed student at Columbia